Instructional Materials


Taijiquan Hand & Sword,
published by TC Media International, Inc.; August 2007.

The first book in English that presents both internal and external requirements of Chen Taijiquan Classic Old Frame First Road (Lao Jia Yi Lu) and Straight Sword routines. Over 1300 photos by artist Martin von Haselberg offer unprecedented visual detail, revealing transitions, weight shifts and other aspects of the forms. In presenting these time tested forms together in one guide, authors Ren Guangyi and Stephan Berwick reveal the similarities and differences between these influential martial routines. More so, the authors hope readers will appreciate the classsical partnership these enduring Taiji forms share. In limited distribution. For order information, click here to send an email.

Taijiquan: Chen Taiji 38 Form and Applications,
published by Charles E Tuttle Co; October 2003.

Master Ren's highly rated landmark first book, this text has set a new standard in his clear, easy-to-follow depiction of the very important 38 Form (created by Chen family head, Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang; and part of the standard Chen Village curriculum). Step-by-step photos show powerful techniques and applications, and exemplify Master Ren as a true martial arts professional and, perhaps, the top Taiji practitioner in the United States today. The applications in this book are quite unique and notable. You will reference them again and again. (Currently sold out. For pre-order information, click here to send an email.)


The following series of VHS videos were produced by Master Ren Guang-Yi.

  • Chen Taijiquan 19-Movement Short Form
  • Chen Taijiquan 38 Form (Part 1)
  • Chen Taijiquan 38 Form (Part 2)
  • 1998 Chen Village Push Hands Competition
  • Chen Taijiquan Applications/Striking Techniques
  • Chen Taijiquan Lao Jia Yi Lu
  • Chen Taijiquan Lao Jia Er Lu
  • Chen Taijiquan Xin Jia Yi Lu
  • Chen Taijiquan Sword
  • Chen Taijiquan Broadsword
  • Chen Taijiquan Spear
  • Chen Taijiquan Lao Jia Yi Lu Applications

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